Key Deliverables

The 7 key deliverables of the 2021 Summit are to:

  1. Change the Narrative:
    Participate in changing the African narrative towards one of growth, collaboration and innovation.
  2. Drive SDG Alignment:
    Promote and demonstrate business alignment to the SDGs
  3. Foster Ecosystem Collaboration:
    Provide a platform for businesses to connect and collaborate towards greater collective impact,
  4. Provide Entrepreneur Support:
    Build linkages between social entrepreneurs and investors, and help to unlock entrepreneurial potential inherent in cross-sector and cross-border collaboration
  5. Facilitate Leadership Participation:
    Elevate the importance of purpose-led organisations and leadership
  6. Demonstrate Shared Value in Practice:
    African business and entrepreneurs demonstrate profit with purpose and sustainability in action
  7. Build the SVAI Network:
    Grow the Shared Value Africa Initiative membership and strategic partnership network across the African continent

                                  Vuyo Lutseke

                                   Tiekie Barnard

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