Sakina Usengimana

Sakina Usengimana


Sakina Usengimana’s national pride and entrepreneurial mindset has always been at the center of everything she does. A graduate at Akilah Institute in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Sakina is a recipient of the 2018-2019 Texas Christian University Wilkens Award. She began her professional career in Hospitality Management, working and training with brands such as Marriott International.

After years of exploring other business ventures, Sakina decided to combine her love for country, food, travel and connecting with people, through Agriculture. With the right opportunities and support, Sakina’s vision is to empower youth and women in the communities she works with through agriculture, with an emphasis on experiential learning while continuing to export Rwanda ‘s fresh goods to markets all over the world and become a preferred vendor with consistent quality products





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