Nando’s on Board as a Sponsor for the 2017 Africa Shared Value Summit

NandosShift Social Development is proud to announce that Nando’s has come on board as a sponsor for the 2017 Africa Shared Value Summit. The partnership between Nando’s and the summit is a clear indication that the Nando’s brand understands the importance of Creating Shared Value (CSV) and the importance of encouraging businesses to embrace the concept.
Nando’s on board as a sponsor for the 2017 Africa Shared Value Summit. The brand’s footprint in international markets brings the unique Nando’s story to over 80 million customers per year in more than 20 countries.. The Nando’s Art Initiative and the Nando’s Heartfelt Celebration of South African Design project are part of an ongoing business strategy, one that creates Shared Value through showcasing Southern African talent through their restaurant interiors and making a sustainable contribution to the local South African creative community.


The Nando’s Art Initiative is an innovative artist-career development programme that sources original African art for Nando’s restaurants worldwide through the Nando’s Chicken Run. It is structured to enable artists to focus full time on their artistic careers, knowing that they will be able to earn a regular, decent living from their work.


Art doesn’t only belong on the walls, and so Nando’s Heartfelt Celebration of South African Design project collaborates with South African design talent to roll out South African-designed furniture and design features in Nando’s proudly South African restaurants around the world. They also collaborate with 9 design companies to create bespoke environments to add to the experience of each guest who visits Nando’s. These initiatives add to the authenticity of the experience and demonstrates the genuine commitment Nando’s has made to South African design.


As a CSV strategy, Nando’s collaboration with SA’s design sector consciously channels allocated interior design spend on locally-made furniture, which fuels sustainable enterprise growth. This also creates exposure for South African design internationally, with the potential to open up new markets.


The benefits for the brand are equally positive, as it weaves a truly South African story that provides countless PR opportunities, improves brand loyalty and feeds through to profitability and value generation. Many cultures and walks of life now have the opportunity to have a personal experience of great South African art and design, thanks to Nando’s.

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