One Africa One Voice

Kigali, Rwanda 25-26.10.2022

About the Summit

The Shared Value Africa Initiative and Shift Impact Africa proudly present the 6th annual Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit, taking place in Kigali, Rwanda on 25-26 October 2022.

The Summit brings together forward-thinking African business leaders, as well as political and non-governmental stakeholders, to inspire African solutions for Africa’s challenges. This year’s programme centres on the use of the Shared Value business management model to create technological and business solutions to bridge digital inclusion gaps and drive economic growth across Africa.

The Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit has been Africa’s premier Shared Value business event since its inception in 2017. Every year, the Summit assembles business leaders and change makers to investigate how Shared Value thinking and strategic partnership can create people-centred sustainable business solutions.


Through in-depth discussions, experience sharing and collaboration, the Summit enables businesses to interrogate how they operate through the ‘profit with purpose’ lens and become growth catalysts.

Rallying Theme

One Africa, One Voice

The unifying theme ‘One Africa, One Voice’ underscores the need for organisations to work together across borders and industries for the benefit of all. The 2022 Summit will approach this theme through the lens of connectivity, interrogating how business can close the gaps in Africa’s digital landscape to promote economic growth and move the continent forward.

What to Expect

Hear from a diverse group of business thinkers and doers in a series of interactive sessions how Shared Value thinking and connectivity can combine to drive Africa’s economic recovery, equality, inclusion and entrepreneurial growth.

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Strategic Partnership – A First for Africa


In 2022, the Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI) has partnered with the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSMA), a global institution that represents the telco and digital services sectors, to bring together the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit and the Mobile World Congress Africa (MWC Africa).

The two events will take place concurrently, with interlocking programmes that demonstrate both the future of connectivity and how combining it with the Shared Value mind-set can enable economic growth and people-centric sustainability.

The alignment of the Summit and GSMA MWC Africa is a first for Africa, and for the global Shared Value community, assembling multisectoral players to discuss innovation, technology, inclusion, opportunities and solutions for Africa’s digital and connectivity challenges.


About the organisers

The Shared Value Africa Initiative is a pan-African organisation and the regional partner of the global Shared Value Initiative. It assists and collaborates with organisations to profitably address social and environmental issues through the core business and build prosperous and sustainable economies and societies in Africa through a focus on profit with purpose.

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Shift Impact Africa is a women-owned advisory and consulting firm that assists organisations to unlock the power of a Shared Value sustainability strategy centered on social and environmental impacts. We advocate strongly for profit with purpose, founded on the belief that business can create both economic value and value for society

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