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The Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI) is a pan-African organisation and the regional partner of the global Shared Value Initiative business network that are drawn together through a common purpose: to assist and collaborate with organisations to create Shared Value and build prosperous and sustainable economies and societies through focussing on Profit with Purpose. There is a real need for African-driven solutions for African challenges. Adopting a Shared Value business model enables innovative, forward-thinking business to find growth opportunities in addressing social and environmental challenges using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as the guiding principles
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Shift Impact Africa is the co-creator and organiser of the Africa Shared Value Leadership summit. Shift work  closely with the SVAI to deliver a continental summit that focus on sharing business learning and ideas on value creation and social impact focusing on the Business Management concept of Shared Value.  Shift  is a connect-scale-impact consulting firm that assists organisations with unlocking the power of a Shared Value sustainability strategy – one that is not only centred on social and environmental impacts, but also works for our clients AND benefits the communities in which they operate. We advocate strongly for business focus on profit with purpose, founded on the belief that business can create both economic value and value for society. Shift is women-owned and driven by a team of diverse  Shared Value Social Impact and Sustainability consultants.
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